Saturday, October 25, 2008

Deer BBQ and a Good Win

The Food Guy had a pretty good Saturday this week- in spite of having to wear those ridiculous red-leg black-leg pants. I was pretty happy with the way the morning started out. I ate my breakfast and went back to sleep until like 11. It was pretty sweet. The Food Guy rolled out of bed at a casual 9 am and did some work while I slept. Then, we went for a pretty good run before Food Guy had to put his silly pants on. 

I had to stay home today, so I didn't get to snag the Food Guy's phone to take many pictures. But I did get one of me sporting my 'Bama bling. Our friend Jen made me this pretty sweet Big Al Bling since I kinda stick my dog nose in everything like it's an elephant trunk.  You can't really see it in the picture above, but I had to break it out because 'Bama started off a little shaky against the Vols. You all know how much I hate the Vols, so I have no trouble rooting for 'Bama when they play the Vols. And really I'm hoping that they'll keep winning until the SEC Championship Game. See, I'm thinking that my Dawgs are gonna take care of business against the HATED Gators and end up playing 'Bama for the SEC Championship. Getting some redemption against an unbeaten Bama team will lock up a BCS Championship for my boys Knowshon, Asher Allen, and Matthew Stafford. So, even a Georgia Yellow Dawg has to say "Roll Tide" once in a while. Why am I so optimistic you ask? Well, we hung 52 on the Bayou Bengals today- at their place. For all you Dawg Doubters out there- you have to admit we're for real now! Heck, the stupid Gators didn't do much better against LSU and they were playing at the Swamp. I  think we're sitting pretty. Hopefully, it'll all work out and we'll get to play Bama again in Atlanta. I'm hoping the Food Guy will get tickets, so I can go chill with Zozo and Sug while he goes to the game. 

Anyway, while I was watching my Dawgs on TV at home the Food Guy was watching the game with Josh, Emily, Dawan, George, Elisha, and the rest of the crew. Food Guy told me that Josh made some awesome Deer BBQ and Mac and Cheese. I could smell it on him when he got home tonight, and I was pretty jealous. He gave me a dog bone, but I'm still thinking that some Deer BBQ would be much better! Somebody please talk to him about the silly no people food rule! Look at me in that picture- I know it's hard to take your eyes off those awful red-leg black-leg pants. But if you do, you'll see I'm a pretty skinny dog. All this running with the Food Guy while he's training for his marathon next weekend makes me hungry for people food. 

Well, I hope ya'll had a good week. I did. My dog tail is healing up pretty well, and I ate lots of dog bones. 

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southern girl talks football said...

Yellow Dog, I would think that the least your food guy could do would be to bring you home some deer BBQ after being stuck at home alone all day. I mean, deer BBQ seems like a special occasion for some people food, especially after a big win. Even Zozo and Sug get people food on special occasions!