Saturday, January 10, 2009

A new semester...

Well, school's back with a vengeance, so that means the Food Guy isn't home as much as he usually is. That means I get to spend a lot of time sleeping, which isn't really all that bad. I usually sleep on the Food Guy's bed or on the couch watching The Ocho while Food Guy's on campus. But once in a while I like to sleep on my dog bed, just to show the Food Guy that I appreciate having one. I like to sleep with my toys spread out around me. Like this:

Food Guy's been back on the bike lately too. That means I don't get to go running as much, but he still takes me running a few days a week, which is really OK with me as long as I get to go on lots of walks. The upside is that we play more frisbee when we don't run as much. I love playing with my frisbee. I can can catch it in the air and everything. Mostly I just like to catch it and then carry it around like this. 
It makes me look like I have giant red dog lips. Pretty funny huh? Anyway, life is good here in Athens. I'm sad that football season's over. I don't really know what to think about the stupid Gators winning another National Championship. I mean, you have to be happy that your conference owns the trophy. You have to happy that we put the Big 12 in their place, but Florida? Florida! Really, I hate them so much. Oh well, next year. I have to say that my favorite part of that game was watching Tebow get a taunting penalty. My favorite blogger over at Hey Jenny Slater said it best: "Taunting your opponent makes the Baby Jesus Cry, Tim. Funny stuff!

Anyway, that's about it from Athens for now. Food Guy's reading lots of books and getting ready to start writing his exams. I'm still looking for more dog food. Things are pretty much as they should be. Well, Go Heels. We'll have to survive on basketball until the Braves get going. Not too sure how that's going to pan out since Frank Wren can't seem to sign anyone decent, but hope does spring eternal. Who knows what can happen with 162 games on the slate. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's: Cards, Clogged sinks & A Win for the Dawgs

Well, the Food Guy and I got dragged our tired selves back from the ATL today. It was another fun trip- as always. New Year's Eve was pretty fun. We went to Reeve and Corinne's and had a cookout. But first Reeve, Food Guy and I went for a good run at the trails at Sope Creek. No matter how many times Food Guy takes me running there I'm always amazed that we're actually in Atlanta while we're running. That place is awesome. After we finished our run we headed to the house to get ready for the New Year's Eve Festivities. That was an adventure. I was happy to see Java, O-Dog, Maya, and Bella (some of my favorite ATL Dog-peeps). We ran around and played with tennis balls while Food Guy and Reeve sat there still freezing from their run. Reeve & Rin's hot water heater took the Big Ambien, so there was no water or heat in the house while some people were installing a new one. That actually worked out pretty well for me and the rest of the doggies since Reeve and Food Guy decided they would be warmer if they took us back outside for a hike (note to self- sabotaging hot water heaters = more outside time). Anyway, eventually the people decided it was time to start grilling out since it was going to be hours before anyone could take a shower. Let me tell you, the grill smelled so good! Food Guy was grilling these gigantic pork chops that Rin had marinated earlier in the day. I sat there doing my best good dog impression and gave Food Guy my best I'm SO HUNGRY face but he still wouldn't give me a pork chop- someone really needs to talk to him about the no people food thing. I did manage to snag some people food from Rin, but I ended up throwing it up. Not a good thing to do when you're trying to make a case for getting to eat people food once in a while. 

Anyway, after the people ate all their good food, they played this crazy card game. It's called Dirty Clubs. It's kind of like Spades, but the person that loses has to do the forfeit. The forfeit for this game was the famous "PowerNut" which consists of taking 6 hot Krispy Kreme donuts, mashing them together, and eating them like a Big Mac. 

Poor Justin lost. So all the people loaded up in cars and headed to the QT to obtain some donuts. Justin cruised through the first half of his forfeit, but Food Guy said he looked like he was hating it for the last few bites. Hopefully he hasn't gone into a diabetic coma.

New Year's Ended with another plumbing commodity at Reeve and Rin's. Food Guy and Reeve started doing the dishes when the sink decided it didn't want to drain anymore. I tried to tell the Food Guy that this wouldn't have happened if he let me lick all the plates clean, but I interrupted myself by throwing up the food Rin had snuck me earlier. Not too convenient. Anyway Reeve and Food Guy spent most of the day trying to sort out the plumbing issues. They didn't have much luck. 

The first good news of the day was the Dawgs win at the Capital One Bowl. I was pretty happy to watch the boys take care of business and beat the Spartans. I wasn't too happy the my boy AJ Green didn't get to break the 1000 yd receiving mark, but we won. All in all not a bad year considering all the injuries we had this season. Like  I said before, I'm pretty sad that football's over. But I got some pretty sweet christmas presents from Jen, Zozo, and Sug. On our way home, Food Guy and I stopped by to visit them. I got a brand new bone with dead animal still on it and everything. It is so good. I chewed on it for most of the night. Then I played with the Yellow Baby that they gave me until I was so tired I fell asleep. 

All in all it was a pretty good start to 2009. Good times with good friends, a W for my Dawgs and some good presents. 2008 was a pretty good year, but I'll bet 2009 will be even better.