Saturday, October 25, 2008

Deer BBQ and a Good Win

The Food Guy had a pretty good Saturday this week- in spite of having to wear those ridiculous red-leg black-leg pants. I was pretty happy with the way the morning started out. I ate my breakfast and went back to sleep until like 11. It was pretty sweet. The Food Guy rolled out of bed at a casual 9 am and did some work while I slept. Then, we went for a pretty good run before Food Guy had to put his silly pants on. 

I had to stay home today, so I didn't get to snag the Food Guy's phone to take many pictures. But I did get one of me sporting my 'Bama bling. Our friend Jen made me this pretty sweet Big Al Bling since I kinda stick my dog nose in everything like it's an elephant trunk.  You can't really see it in the picture above, but I had to break it out because 'Bama started off a little shaky against the Vols. You all know how much I hate the Vols, so I have no trouble rooting for 'Bama when they play the Vols. And really I'm hoping that they'll keep winning until the SEC Championship Game. See, I'm thinking that my Dawgs are gonna take care of business against the HATED Gators and end up playing 'Bama for the SEC Championship. Getting some redemption against an unbeaten Bama team will lock up a BCS Championship for my boys Knowshon, Asher Allen, and Matthew Stafford. So, even a Georgia Yellow Dawg has to say "Roll Tide" once in a while. Why am I so optimistic you ask? Well, we hung 52 on the Bayou Bengals today- at their place. For all you Dawg Doubters out there- you have to admit we're for real now! Heck, the stupid Gators didn't do much better against LSU and they were playing at the Swamp. I  think we're sitting pretty. Hopefully, it'll all work out and we'll get to play Bama again in Atlanta. I'm hoping the Food Guy will get tickets, so I can go chill with Zozo and Sug while he goes to the game. 

Anyway, while I was watching my Dawgs on TV at home the Food Guy was watching the game with Josh, Emily, Dawan, George, Elisha, and the rest of the crew. Food Guy told me that Josh made some awesome Deer BBQ and Mac and Cheese. I could smell it on him when he got home tonight, and I was pretty jealous. He gave me a dog bone, but I'm still thinking that some Deer BBQ would be much better! Somebody please talk to him about the silly no people food rule! Look at me in that picture- I know it's hard to take your eyes off those awful red-leg black-leg pants. But if you do, you'll see I'm a pretty skinny dog. All this running with the Food Guy while he's training for his marathon next weekend makes me hungry for people food. 

Well, I hope ya'll had a good week. I did. My dog tail is healing up pretty well, and I ate lots of dog bones. 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Saturday & It could be worse

Well, I made it through another crazy week here in Athens. It was kind of a tough week. The Food Guy had to take me to the Vet twice this week.
 I have this "hot spot" on my tail, which is basically an infection. I had one once before and they gave me a shot that cleared it up, but I didn't react very well to the steroids. So the Food Guy told them to give me some different drugs. It's healing slow, but I think it should get better soon. Last time I couldn't go run or anything for like a week and a half because of the drugs. This time I can run and play, so it's a lot better. 

Yesterday was Saturday, and you know what that means: The Food Guy had to break out the dreaded pants. I did get to go for a nice run before the Food Guy had to start wearing silly clothes. So, the Food Guy, Dawan, and I headed out to the trail this morning for a nice medium run. Then, we headed over to George and Elisha's to get ready for the post-game festivities. Sadly, Food Guy had to get his sillyness on since the run was over. It's week three of the dreaded red-leg black leg pants and I still look at him like he's crazy. See:

But Anyway, the Food Guy left me to play with Elisha, Lucy the Dog, and the kids for the day. Then, Food Guy and George headed out to meet Emily, Josh, and Dawan to head to the Game. Emily must feel sorry for the Food Guy 'cause she was wearing some crazy game-day garb. Pretty crazy, huh? They headed to the game to watch the Dawgs beat up on Vandy.
The Game was pretty good from what I heard. Knowshon had his best game (172 yards rushing) of the year, and A. J. Green had another big day. Still too many penalties for my liking and Stafford threw a couple pics, but overall it was a good win. Anytime you can get away with a win against a top-25 team, it's a good day. Plus, our favorite player Asher Allen had some big hits!

There were also a lot of people there dressed way-way worse than my food guy. I didn't think it could get worse than the pants, but it can! This one guy had on a pretty crazy red and white seersucker coat. But the best was this guy wearing the insane overalls. I mean, for real! What is he thinking?! After the game, Food Guy saw the trailer this guy must have been pulling on his way to the game! Wow, I thought my food guy liked the Dawgs...
Anyway, we had some pretty good adventures once everyone got back from the the game. First we had pretty good cookout. George and Elisha made some pretty good BBQ. Well, it smelled really good anyway. Food guy wouldn't let me have any. He's so crazy with that no people food rule! Somebody really should talk to him about that!

Next we had to make a trip to Wal-mart. 

Dawan's a pretty good sport to be going out in public with the Food Guy when he's dressed like a fool. I actually didn't mind waiting in the car. I mean, it's pretty sad when people in Wal-Mart are looking at you funny because of the way you're dressed, but I heard the Food Guy got a few strange looks. Can't say I blame them.

Well, I'd better get going now. It's getting late and I've got a busy week. I'm pretty worn out from my adventures this weekend. I got to go for a pretty fun hike today. Food Guy and I went to Fort Yargo to meet our friends Jen, Zozo, and Sug. I'm pretty tired from trying to keep up with them. That Zozo and Sug like to walk pretty fast. They're pretty fast at smelling everything and they don't want to miss anything at all. So we pretty much speedhiked. It was fun though. And we got to hang out in the car outside the Waffle House while Food Guy and Jen ate lunch. If that  doesn't sound like fun, you've never hung out in Waffle House parking lot. Talk about some good people watching!

Well, this week should be pretty good for me. Food Guy has lots of work to do, so that means I'll have to do a lot of sleeping under his desk while he works. Sometimes it's pretty good to be a Yellow Dog-well it's pretty much always good to be a Yellow Dog. The only exception would be when I have to go to the Vet. Hopefully, I won't have to go back there again this week. 

Check back for more stories. I might let Food Guy write a guest spot this week. He's all fired up because the Dawgs (# 9 this week) are getting ready to head to Baton Rouge to take on the #11 Bayou Bengals. Gotta love SEC football. Every week is like a bowl game. Sometimes I feel sorry for Dogs who live in Big 12 or WAC country. They don't have exciting football like we do every week! Go Dawgs!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Cheerwine and Stairs

The great thing about having a food guy who's a college football fan is that you usually get to go hiking on Sunday afternoons. Lots of dogs have food guys who always watch football on saturdays and sundays. Don't get me wrong, the NFL is great, but it's nice to get outside whenever possible. This Sunday we went up to Tallulah Gorge for a great hike. I don't have any red-leg black-leg stories today, but I do have a pretty good hike to tell ya'll about today. 

So, my food guy used to kayaking all the time. It was before I was around, but from what I can tell he used to never to anything but find crazy creeks to go down all the time. Now, he's a little more diverse, which works out well for me. This week, our big adventure was to Tallulah Gorge, which is in North Georgia about 25 minutes from North Carolina. It's a really pretty place. Food Guy used to go kayaking there all the time. But today was all about hiking. First we stopped at this little store overlooking the Gorge. It's awesome. It's like a little microcosm of Southern Appalachian culture. Since one of my jobs is showing people from Oregon around, I figured stopping at this store was a good idea. There's all kinds of crazy Southern trinkets and, best of all they have Cheerwine in glass bottles. Food Guy didn't let me drink any (he's so crazy with the no people food rule) but he said it's really good. Then we hiked along the path to the stairs that go down to into the Gorge. It was pretty cool, and Food Guy seemed pretty happy not to be carrying a kayak. 

See, he used to carry a boat down the 1122 stairs and then paddle the crazy rapids. He was pretty psyched not to have to paddle Oceana today. It's a pretty wild looking rapid. See

So, he seemed pretty happy just to be enjoying the view, and he kept saying how much easier it was to walk down there without a 50 pound piece of tupperware on his shoulder. It was a pretty cool place. I had to stay on a leash because there's all these rules about not stepping on the endangered species of plants in the Gorge. I kind of felt like a dirty hippy being worried about the Persistent Trillium and all that, but I suppose it's a good idea not to trample rare plants. Anyway, we got down to the put-in and took it all in. 

  Usually, there's a lot more water when you go down there to paddle. And it looks a little more like this:  

So, today's activities were on the mellow side. We saw lots of people breathing hard going back up the stairs who have little different idea of what mellow is, but I guess it takes all kinds...

Anyway, we got back up to the top of the Gorge and walked around a little more. The overlooks are pretty cool. Check this one out:

The Food Guy was a little tired after walking down the stairs. It's a long way down to the river from the top, so we walked back to car to head back to Athens. As far as hikes go. This one was pretty tame. It was short, and more like walking on a path than a real hike, but it wasn't too shabby. I suppose it's ok to go on an easy hike once in a while. Especially the day after the Food Guy goes on one of his long runs. Anyway, ya'll have a good week. The Food Guy says he has too much homework to do this week, so it'll probably be next weekend before we have another adventure. But you can be sure that I'll have some things to say about his crazy, "landmark" pants at the Vandy game next weekend. GO DAWGS!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

LandMark Pants

Another Saturday has come and gone in Athens, and the food guy put together another big day for us. The red-leg black leg pictures were kind of hard to come by this week, but I managed to get a couple. I'll try to get more next week. This saturday was pretty crazy. There was a lot of rushing around, trying to get around the crazy Athens Traffic. 3:30 start times are complicated. Anyway, I'm pretty tired and Food Guy had to wake me up to get me to do some writing.

 I'm tired because the Food Guy woke me up at 6 am yesterday to eat breakfast and go for a walk. That's kinda early- I think. But he had to get his 20 mile run in before the Game Day festivities began. I'm pretty much always ready to eat, so I didn't really complain or anything. I ate my bowl of dogfood ( I think I prefer that stuff they call people food, but I'm not allowed to have any).

Anyway, I got a little head fake when food guy came back about 45 minutes into his run. Apparently, he was in the pain cave and needed food. Good thing for him that our house was conveniently located on the run. So, he came back, grabbed some food, and left me again. I wasn't too happy, but I just went back to watching ESPN. Anyway, he finally came dragging his tired self back here a couple of hours later. Gotta give it to the food guy though. He took me right over to the trails at Memorial Park for a walk when he got back- even though  he was pretty smoked from trying to keep up with Dawan for 20 miles. I love those trails. I've been trying to get the Food Guy to give me a bath for a couple of weeks now. 

So, I had to go to my best bath getting strategy. I just ran right down into the creek and got all muddy. It worked like a charm, and I got my bath. Then, it was time to start getting ready to head to The Game. Athens is so crazy on Game Day. It took the food guy a little longer to get to the game than he thought it would. But told me he got there in time to get a great spot in the student section. Check out the view: Not bad huh? 

Especially since we were about to score and make Fat Phil start looking for an extra large box of glazed Krispy Kremes to drown his sorrows. That's right, we beat the Vols. A little redemption. It wasn't the blow-out I was hoping for. Stafford threw a couple picks in the red-zone. I'm not too happy about that. That Tennessee dog Smoky gets on my nerves. I really wanted to shut them out, so I could talk a little smack if I ever see him at the dog park. But we pretty much dominated them anyway, so that's good. 

Well, Food Guy told me they didn't get to stay there for very long. Some silly Frat Boy who came to the game LATE (I mean, for real, how lame is THAT) went whining to an usher because he couldn't find somewhere to stand. The usher told him, "Too Bad, this is the student section. It's first come first serve." But he kept whining and finally found an usher who would make people move. So, my food guy and his friend had to find somewhere else to stand. No worries, though. There's plenty of good places to watch the game from. 

So I'm guessing you're wondering where are the funny pants stories from today. Well, OK, here's the best one the Food Guy told me when he got home. Once he'd found a new place to watch the game and settled in, this group of ladies watching the game kept walking past him to go see their friends who were sitting somewhere else. After the 50th time they came walking by, one of the stops and says, "you're my landmark." Apparently, they were using those horrid red-leg black-leg pants to navigate the crowd of 92,746 people. I guess there's a silver lining anywhere. Each time they walked by him, they said "landmark." I think the Food Guy was quite embarrassed actually. 

It wasn't a great day of picture taking, but I did manage to get a hold of the food guys' phone and get a picture of him while he and George were grilling after the game. 

They were grilling some shish-kabobs, that smelled pretty darn good. I was pretty hungry- well, I'm always hungry. I was so hungry in fact, that I had to resort to eating side-walk chalk. George and Elisha's daughter likes to draw on her patio, and I talked her into leaving some of her delicious chalk out there for me  to eat. I don't know why, but the Food Guy told me I shouldn't eat chalk. Strange. 

Anyway, I'll try to get better pictures next week. Vandy comes to town at 12:30, so it should be a little easier to chronicle the red-leg black-leg sillyness since it'll by daylight after the game. I'm still working on a way to get into the game with the Food Guy and his friends. Got any ideas?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

You Can't Keep A Good Dawg (or a Yellow Dog) Down

 It's been a kinda crazy week. First, I want to address the attempt of some "spam detecting robots" to silence the musings of a Yellow Dog. Somehow, the good folks at Blogger got the idea that I'm perpetrating some kind of Spamming Offensive (perpetrating is Big word for dog, huh? Well, remember my food guy spends most of his day reading- a little knowledge trickles down to me). Obviously, I'm a very busy yellow dog. I have way too many things to do to be wasting my time with some silly spam project. I have to make sure people know the goings on of those stupid red-leg black-leg pants. I also have to go running, watch football, sleep, hike, hang out with my ladies Zozo, Sug, and Lucy, sleep, eat dog bones, sleep, eat... well, you get the idea. I guess the "robots" at Blogger figured that out, and they've decided to "unlock" my blog.

So, now for more good news. I got my rolling dog house back today. Last weekend, Food Guy and I went home to Mooresville because Food Guy's Dad had to have surgery. It was pretty scary. I'm a pretty big fan of  the Food Guy's Dad. He always gives me lots of dog bones, he sneaks me people food when the Food Guy isn't looking (Don't tell him). So I was pretty worried. On the way to the hospital Food Guy had to stop for gas. Some guy decided he'd rather talk on his phone instead of look for cars on Monday and he smashed my mobile sleeping place all up. I'm pretty good at sleeping in the car. Check it out:

But, the good people at the Toyota dealer got it looking good as new. See:

But that's not the Best News of the Day. The best news is that the doctors said the Food Guy's Dad is gonna be fine. They think he's going to make a full recovery, so I can relax. My extra dog bone source is safe. And the Food Guy is pretty happy because he doesn't have to worry anymore.

So now I can go back to riding around with the food guy. This is very important because I'm a mobile yellow dog, and I have lots of reporting to do this weekend. In case you haven't heard Fat Phil is taking a break from downing Krispy Kremes on saturday and he's bringing his gang of hilljacks down from Knoxvegas to play the Dawgs on Saturday. Well, like the title says: You can't keep a good Dawg down, and the boys are gonna get some redemption on Saturday! Sadly, I'm gonna have to watch the game from the couch on TV. I'd much rather join my food guy in the student section to watch when it's time to tee it up between the Hedges on saturday, but they won't let anybody other than UGA come to the game. Personally, I think UGA and I would have some fun hanging out watching the game. We could gang up on Smokey and give him a little taste of what Knowshon is gonna to to his boys, but the same rules that apply at the Kroger seem to be in effect at Sandford Stadium. 

The upside of that is that I'll get a break from hanging out with the Food Guy while he's wearing those stupid red-leg black-leg pants. But, don't ya'll worry, he'll be wearing them in the morning after he finishes his run. Did I tell ya that he's training for some silly trail marathon with his buddy Reeve? Yeah, those fools are going to run 26 miles and change at Fort Mountain in November. You know, I'm all about going for long runs. Check out this pic from our last adventure:

 I think 26 miles might be a little excessive. But, whatever. As long as that fool wants to do stuff  like that I get to go running almost every morning, so that's cool. Most dogs have to stay home all the time. Believe me, I know. I hear them complaining every morning as we run by them in their yards and their houses. 

Anyway, back to Saturday's festivities. After his run, the Food Guy will have to don his red-leg black-leg pants of doom. He'll take his weekly dose of humility for backing his Dawgs against 'Bama. And I'll be there with a camera. I'll make sure I get lots of pictures of him, so ya'll can enjoy seeing him looking like fool. 

Monday, October 6, 2008

Backstory and the Bye Week

I'm not trying to say that I'm not a pretty lucky yellow dog- I mean, my food guy's pretty good as far as food guys go. He takes me running most everyday, we go hiking all the time, and I get to go on lots of walks. But sometimes, he makes some stupid bets. 

You see, Me and my food guy (the guy in the stupid redleg-blackleg pants in the picture) live in Athens, Georgia. We're pretty big BullDawg fans. I mean, how can you not be a fan?! Knowshon, Stafford, Blackout Games, A football crazy town. It is the southeast after all. After destroying Florida last year (who cares if Tebow wasn't himself that day), we went on a great run and if we hadn't blown it and lost to The Great Pumpkin earlier in the year  we would have had a legitimate claim to the crystal ball. So, pardon our confidence going into this season. 

Maybe the food guy was a little too confident- if you know what I mean. One of his friends went to 'Bama, and in true Southern fashion she understand football like girls up North understand Emily Dickinson Poetry. She can explain pass interference and intentional grounding to the stupid frat boys in the crowd in terms even they can understand. Last year, my food guy makes this bet with her for the 'Bama game. Of course the Dawgs take care of business, and she has to wear a beautiful t-shirt to the Braves game the next day. 

So, the food guy makes this bet with her this year. If we win, she would have to wear that shirt every saturday for the rest of the year. If we lose, he has to wear these dumb pants every saturday. Well, if you don't live under rock, you know Coach Satan and 'Bama kicked our trash this year (don't worry we'll get another shot at them). So, now I've gotta walk around with my food guy wearing these silly, fratastic pants every saturday. 

Look, I'm not complaining. I mean like I said, at least I don't get left home all the time like most dogs. I get to go lots of places.

 And it's not like I have to actually go into restaurants, grocery stores, and places like that with him while people are laughing. But, I do have to go everywhere else with him.

This week was the Bye week. Good for the Dawgs. Bad for me. You see, the boys are a little banged up right now. We needed a week off to heal up and get ready to play a Top-25 team in each of the next three weeks, after we play the Great Pumpkin's boys this week between the Hedges. See, first we have to redeem ourselves and stomp the Vols. Then we play #13 Vandy (Yes, I know pack your parkas and get in the handbasket, Vandy is ranked #13). After that we go on the road to meet #4 LSU and then to the Cocktail Party for a date with Urban and the #11 Gators. Let's not even talk about the rest of our schedule. Scary stuff!   So, I'm happy we had a week off. The downside was: No game to go to meant hanging around with the food guy without a game to excuse the wearing of the pants. 

I thought we might slide through the bye week without the pants, but the girl at Gibson's Men's Wear seemed pretty keen to see the food guy walking out of the store in those pants ASAP- so she put them on the tailor's fast track. 

Food Guy picked them up Saturday afternoon. Just in time for a what he called "a very embarrassing trip" to the Kroger. I wouldn't know. For some reason they don't let dogs in Kroger. If you ask me, that's reason enough not to shop there. They let dogs in Petsmart! Shop there. Buy Dog Bones!!!! Anyway, then we loaded up in the crashed up Corolla and headed over to George and Elisha's for a cookout. You can't even imagine how fast the "Nice Pants" comments started flying. I kinda felt bad for poor Food Guy. He really doesn't deserve to be made fun of for having confidence in his team. But, I stopped feeling bad for him because George's dog Lucy immediately started making fun of me for having a Food Guy who wears stupid pants. Lucy, like lots of girls, can be kind of cruel. She plays nice with me when she wants too, but if I try to pick up one of her toys, she's kinda mean to me. She spent most of the cookout making fun of my Food Guy. I guess she figured she had to since all the people were making fun of him. We had fun anyway, and it got dark before too long. 

Next week should be a good one. Fat Phil and his gang of hillbillies come to town at 3:30. Food Guy should be able to blend in with the Frat Boys a little bit at the tailgate, and by the time he picks me up for the weekly cookout after the game it will be almost dark. So, I shouldn't have to spend too much time outside in the daylight with my poorly dressed Food Guy. 

So check back each week for my updates on what the food guy did while wearing his stupid pants. I might even let him write a guest spot or two for me- sometimes  even a yellow dog has to sleep on the couch and watch football instead of sitting at a computer. It is kinda hard to type with my big-goofy dog feet.