Friday, July 1, 2011

We Do Summer Right

Summertime is finally here. The Food Guy is all finished with classes for the year, and now it's time for the adventuring to really get rolling. We've made the most of the first week of summer- that's for sure. I'm still on light duty and have to stay on the leash, but I have been getting to do a little bit of traveling with the Food Guy. Earlier this week, we hopped in the mobile dog house to head over to Bryson City so the Food Guy and Reeve could do a little trail run. We rolled over to the Smokies and met Reeve in Cherokee on the way to Newfound Gap.

I still can't hit the trail, so I took a nap while the Food Guy and Reeve made the round trip trek from Newfound Gap to Mt. Leconte.

The scenery looks like it was pretty sweet on the trail.

I hate that I missed this one, but those mean ol' park rangers don't let dogs in the park anyway. What's up with that? Weak sauce, I say.

Anyway, it was a good trip. I got to hang out with Java the Dog and generally had a good time visiting. Next up was a few days in Boone for the Food Guy to get a few more training runs in and a couple of days of climbing. Then, it was down to the Lake where I'm chilling out while the Food Guy is hanging out in Boston. He sent me a couple of pics of his trip. It looks like he's having a good time.

Word on the street is that dinner tonight was at Legal Seafood where the Food Guy laid a beatdown on some crabcakes, scallops, shrimp, and clam chowder. He told me that he also got a pretty sweet run in along the Charles River and he even got to see Fenway Park. There's some crazy stuff up Boston. Check out this pic from the Chapel of Our Lady of the Safe Voyage:

Cool, eh? I think he's got some other good adventures planned for his northern swing. Sox vs Blue Jays on the 4th of July will probably be the highlight of his trip. I told him he'd better not slack off on his running while he's up there. The 100 miler is getting closer and closer, so I got keep reminding him to get out there and do some urban running. I'll be psyched when he gets back because that means my least favorite holiday of the year (4th of July) will be over. I hate the 4th because of all the scary fireworks. We'll be chilling in Boone for a week or so, then I'll be headed back to the lake when the Food Guy heads out to Seattle. Well, I'm gonna get going. The couch is looking like it wants to float up the ceiling, and you know I can't let that happen.