Thursday, March 31, 2011

Resting an injury is no fun

Hey, y'all. I know it's been a while since my last post, but things have been pretty quiet around Camp Z for a yellow dog. One of my legs has been giving me some trouble, so the Food Guy has been making me rest, and not letting me go on many adventures. A while back, I started limping around after the Food Guy and I got back from one of our runs. He made me rest for a week, and then I talked him into letting me go for a short run with him. Wouldn't you know, I ended up limping again, so he wouldn't let me go hiking or running with him for a couple of weeks. I was feeling better, so he let me go over to play with my doggie friend Alabama Star, and I ended up limping again. Well, he got all worried about me and took me to the vet. The good news is that my hips are fine. He was worried I was starting to have some hip problems. The vet thinks it's my MCL, so he put me on some doggie celebrex. I think it did the trick. After a week on the dope, I stopped limping. The Food Guy says he's not letting me run or go on any good hikes for a couple of months. I've been pretty bored. He did let me go hang out with him when he went paddling a couple of weeks ago. I made him feel so bad for leaving me in the truck- a little limping helped- that he let me take a rest at the take-out:

I suppose all this time off is for the best though. Hopefully, I'll be all healed up and I'll be able to be up to going on some good adventures this summer. I'd better be. I get pretty bored hanging out at home all day while the Food Guy is off training for his big run.

He thinks he's so slick. He sneaks out of the house with his running shoes every day- as if I don't notice that those smelling things are leaving the house everyday. I mean, really. Does he think I can't tell that he's been off running all afternoon when he comes home from work. Sheesh! Well, I don't give him too much trouble. I know he's got to get his mileage in. He's training for a 100 miler in August. Check out this website to see what he's training for.

Well, y'all take care. Maybe the Food Guy will let me go climbing with him sometime soon. I told him I'd be A-OK just hanging out on a leash while he climbs. I'll try to talk him into taking me for a good-easy- adventure soon.