Thursday, October 9, 2008

You Can't Keep A Good Dawg (or a Yellow Dog) Down

 It's been a kinda crazy week. First, I want to address the attempt of some "spam detecting robots" to silence the musings of a Yellow Dog. Somehow, the good folks at Blogger got the idea that I'm perpetrating some kind of Spamming Offensive (perpetrating is Big word for dog, huh? Well, remember my food guy spends most of his day reading- a little knowledge trickles down to me). Obviously, I'm a very busy yellow dog. I have way too many things to do to be wasting my time with some silly spam project. I have to make sure people know the goings on of those stupid red-leg black-leg pants. I also have to go running, watch football, sleep, hike, hang out with my ladies Zozo, Sug, and Lucy, sleep, eat dog bones, sleep, eat... well, you get the idea. I guess the "robots" at Blogger figured that out, and they've decided to "unlock" my blog.

So, now for more good news. I got my rolling dog house back today. Last weekend, Food Guy and I went home to Mooresville because Food Guy's Dad had to have surgery. It was pretty scary. I'm a pretty big fan of  the Food Guy's Dad. He always gives me lots of dog bones, he sneaks me people food when the Food Guy isn't looking (Don't tell him). So I was pretty worried. On the way to the hospital Food Guy had to stop for gas. Some guy decided he'd rather talk on his phone instead of look for cars on Monday and he smashed my mobile sleeping place all up. I'm pretty good at sleeping in the car. Check it out:

But, the good people at the Toyota dealer got it looking good as new. See:

But that's not the Best News of the Day. The best news is that the doctors said the Food Guy's Dad is gonna be fine. They think he's going to make a full recovery, so I can relax. My extra dog bone source is safe. And the Food Guy is pretty happy because he doesn't have to worry anymore.

So now I can go back to riding around with the food guy. This is very important because I'm a mobile yellow dog, and I have lots of reporting to do this weekend. In case you haven't heard Fat Phil is taking a break from downing Krispy Kremes on saturday and he's bringing his gang of hilljacks down from Knoxvegas to play the Dawgs on Saturday. Well, like the title says: You can't keep a good Dawg down, and the boys are gonna get some redemption on Saturday! Sadly, I'm gonna have to watch the game from the couch on TV. I'd much rather join my food guy in the student section to watch when it's time to tee it up between the Hedges on saturday, but they won't let anybody other than UGA come to the game. Personally, I think UGA and I would have some fun hanging out watching the game. We could gang up on Smokey and give him a little taste of what Knowshon is gonna to to his boys, but the same rules that apply at the Kroger seem to be in effect at Sandford Stadium. 

The upside of that is that I'll get a break from hanging out with the Food Guy while he's wearing those stupid red-leg black-leg pants. But, don't ya'll worry, he'll be wearing them in the morning after he finishes his run. Did I tell ya that he's training for some silly trail marathon with his buddy Reeve? Yeah, those fools are going to run 26 miles and change at Fort Mountain in November. You know, I'm all about going for long runs. Check out this pic from our last adventure:

 I think 26 miles might be a little excessive. But, whatever. As long as that fool wants to do stuff  like that I get to go running almost every morning, so that's cool. Most dogs have to stay home all the time. Believe me, I know. I hear them complaining every morning as we run by them in their yards and their houses. 

Anyway, back to Saturday's festivities. After his run, the Food Guy will have to don his red-leg black-leg pants of doom. He'll take his weekly dose of humility for backing his Dawgs against 'Bama. And I'll be there with a camera. I'll make sure I get lots of pictures of him, so ya'll can enjoy seeing him looking like fool. 

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Beth said...

Welcome back, Yellow Dog!

Glad to hear Food Guy's Dad is ok.

Have a fun weekend - get some good shots of those pants for us. I'm sending the fashion police to issue a citation.