Saturday, February 28, 2009

Writing, hiking, running

What's up y'all?! I know it's been forever since I've managed to get my dog feet on the keyboard, so I've got lots to catch you all up on. The Food Guy has been writing his comprehensive exams for the last couple of weeks, so he's always on our computer. But, he's taking a nap after running a half-marathon at Ft. Yargo right now, so I'll try to catch y'all up while he's sleeping. I'll start with today and then try to remember what happened since I ate last. Well, first of all the Food Guy got up at some ungodly hour this morning to head out to the race. It's been raining in Athens for two days, so I can't figure out why he went to run a trail race today. I didn't even get to go 'cause it was raining again. I was a little bummed to have to stay home alone- I mean, it's not like I'm a regular dog who's used to that sort of thing. Food Guy usually takes me everywhere. But I wasn't complaining when I saw what he looked like when the race was over. Talk about muddy- check it out:

Crazy, huh? Y'all know I'm kind of a crazy showering dog and I don't like to be muddy, so I'm not too sad that I missed that run. So, what else have we been up to? Well, let's see. Like I said Food Guy is constantly on the computer writing his exams, but that does mean that he's home all day with me a lot. So, I like that. He hasn't really had time to ride his bike very much, which is good for me since I can't go with him on the bike. We've been running almost everyday, which is great. I love running. There's so much good stuff to smell out there on the trails. Plus, we stop by the dog park a lot on our runs. Did I mention that I like the dog park?

Food Guy did take a weekend off a couple of weeks ago. We went up to NC to meet Brian and Nate for a weekend hike on the AT. It was awesome. It was so cold though. We hiked from Stecoah Gap to Cheoah Bald on Saturday. It was amazing. Check out the sunset:
Pretty sweet, huh? The moon rising was also not a bad touch. 

It did seem like we picked the windiest place on earth to pitch the tents though. I guess I should not complain. Food Guy carried all of my food and water for me. Plus he carried the tent and the sleeping bag. It was so cold up there! Once we climbed in the tent for the night, I couldn't stop shivering. Food Guy wrapped me up in his jacket, but that just didn't cut it. I was FREEZING. Finally, the Food Guy let me crawl into the sleeping bag. Ahh, now that was the stuff! I slept all nice and toasty warm in the bottom of the mummy bag. Mountain Hardware makes a pretty bad ass sleeping bag. Room enough for a Yellow Dog in the bottom of the bag. Well done, boys, well done. 

Anyway. Food Guy woke me up for breakfast and we packed up and finished the hike in the morning. We walked along a beautiful trail to the NOC. Food Guy used to work there, so he had to stop and talk to all his friends and eat some lunch. I thought I'd get to go into the restaurant, but I had to stay outside. 

I thought that was a little silly. I mean, it's not like I'm a regular dog or anything. Heck, I can write, and I have my own blog. But, some people just don't understand how the world should work. I was pretty tired from running up and down the trail trying to make sure I got to smell everything. I mean, it's not like I was carrying anything and walking 8 or 9 miles in a morning is not big deal anyway. Food Guy and I run that far a couple of days a week. So, I had to make sure I got a good workout in. I don't want Zozo and Sug to think I'm getting fat and lazy. I'll bet I hiked 30 miles that weekend. It was pretty sweet. Although, I think I should have run around a little less. Food Guy mentioned something about getting me my own pack so I can carry my own food and water next time we go hiking. I'm cool with that as long as Food Guy slips a few extra dog bones in that pack.

Well, Food Guy's waking up from his nap. We're gonna watch the Heels finish whooping Ga. Tech. Hope y'all have a great week. Don't work too hard or anything. You know I won't.