Sunday, October 12, 2008

LandMark Pants

Another Saturday has come and gone in Athens, and the food guy put together another big day for us. The red-leg black leg pictures were kind of hard to come by this week, but I managed to get a couple. I'll try to get more next week. This saturday was pretty crazy. There was a lot of rushing around, trying to get around the crazy Athens Traffic. 3:30 start times are complicated. Anyway, I'm pretty tired and Food Guy had to wake me up to get me to do some writing.

 I'm tired because the Food Guy woke me up at 6 am yesterday to eat breakfast and go for a walk. That's kinda early- I think. But he had to get his 20 mile run in before the Game Day festivities began. I'm pretty much always ready to eat, so I didn't really complain or anything. I ate my bowl of dogfood ( I think I prefer that stuff they call people food, but I'm not allowed to have any).

Anyway, I got a little head fake when food guy came back about 45 minutes into his run. Apparently, he was in the pain cave and needed food. Good thing for him that our house was conveniently located on the run. So, he came back, grabbed some food, and left me again. I wasn't too happy, but I just went back to watching ESPN. Anyway, he finally came dragging his tired self back here a couple of hours later. Gotta give it to the food guy though. He took me right over to the trails at Memorial Park for a walk when he got back- even though  he was pretty smoked from trying to keep up with Dawan for 20 miles. I love those trails. I've been trying to get the Food Guy to give me a bath for a couple of weeks now. 

So, I had to go to my best bath getting strategy. I just ran right down into the creek and got all muddy. It worked like a charm, and I got my bath. Then, it was time to start getting ready to head to The Game. Athens is so crazy on Game Day. It took the food guy a little longer to get to the game than he thought it would. But told me he got there in time to get a great spot in the student section. Check out the view: Not bad huh? 

Especially since we were about to score and make Fat Phil start looking for an extra large box of glazed Krispy Kremes to drown his sorrows. That's right, we beat the Vols. A little redemption. It wasn't the blow-out I was hoping for. Stafford threw a couple picks in the red-zone. I'm not too happy about that. That Tennessee dog Smoky gets on my nerves. I really wanted to shut them out, so I could talk a little smack if I ever see him at the dog park. But we pretty much dominated them anyway, so that's good. 

Well, Food Guy told me they didn't get to stay there for very long. Some silly Frat Boy who came to the game LATE (I mean, for real, how lame is THAT) went whining to an usher because he couldn't find somewhere to stand. The usher told him, "Too Bad, this is the student section. It's first come first serve." But he kept whining and finally found an usher who would make people move. So, my food guy and his friend had to find somewhere else to stand. No worries, though. There's plenty of good places to watch the game from. 

So I'm guessing you're wondering where are the funny pants stories from today. Well, OK, here's the best one the Food Guy told me when he got home. Once he'd found a new place to watch the game and settled in, this group of ladies watching the game kept walking past him to go see their friends who were sitting somewhere else. After the 50th time they came walking by, one of the stops and says, "you're my landmark." Apparently, they were using those horrid red-leg black-leg pants to navigate the crowd of 92,746 people. I guess there's a silver lining anywhere. Each time they walked by him, they said "landmark." I think the Food Guy was quite embarrassed actually. 

It wasn't a great day of picture taking, but I did manage to get a hold of the food guys' phone and get a picture of him while he and George were grilling after the game. 

They were grilling some shish-kabobs, that smelled pretty darn good. I was pretty hungry- well, I'm always hungry. I was so hungry in fact, that I had to resort to eating side-walk chalk. George and Elisha's daughter likes to draw on her patio, and I talked her into leaving some of her delicious chalk out there for me  to eat. I don't know why, but the Food Guy told me I shouldn't eat chalk. Strange. 

Anyway, I'll try to get better pictures next week. Vandy comes to town at 12:30, so it should be a little easier to chronicle the red-leg black-leg sillyness since it'll by daylight after the game. I'm still working on a way to get into the game with the Food Guy and his friends. Got any ideas?

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southern girl talks football said...

Dear YD,
I think if you work on getting your own pair of red leg, black leg pants, they might let you in the game next weekend :)