Saturday, November 15, 2008

A lotta work, a Crashed Car, and New Collar

Hey ya'll. I know it's been a couple of weeks since I've updated the Blog, but it's been pretty busy here in Athens. I know you're all dying for some red-leg black leg pants news, so I'll start off with that. The Dawgs have been on the road for the last couple of weeks, so The Food Guy and I have been watching the games from the comfort of our couch. It's a pretty sweet place to watch the game. Well, I watch all the games from the couch, but it's a lot better when the Food Guy's here to give me a dog bone once in a while during the game. Our buddy Hasty came over and watched as we snuck by Kentucky. Hasty played photographer that day. I had him take this picture for me since he has opposable thumbs and all. 

Can't say I was too happy with that game, but AJ Green saved the day and scored the winning touchdown so that was fun. I hear people say things like, "A W is a W" but close games can be kinda stressful. Hasty jumped up and yelled at the TV one time. I didn't like that too much, but he said he was sorry- so it's cool. 

This week was a pretty crazy one for the Food Guy. He had lots of work to do, so I couldn't get to the computer for a while. He was so busy that he even had to go to his office late one night. I got to go with him, which was awesome. They say dogs aren't allowed, but I went anyway. Check out this pic of me chillin' in my Food Guy's office.

Pretty sweet, huh? I'm on lookout to make sure no one comes down the hall. I'm lookin' all stealth like the Marine in the picture behind me. I can look all tough- well not really. I was still wearing that terrible collar to keep me from chewing on my tail. I figured out how to take that thing off when the Food Guy's not looking. Lucky for me I didn't chew on my tail anymore anyway. I figured out I shouldn't do that anymore 'cause every time the Food Guy caught me, he made me put that stupid collar back on. 

Well, the Food Guy's getting a little closer to being caught up on all his work. I'm glad because his work was seriously infringing on the number of walks I've been getting. I like to go for at least one run and three walks a day. I don't think that's too much for a Yellow Dog to ask for. 

The Food Guy's car got crashed up again this week. He was going to Wally World to get some gas (and more dog bones I assume) Friday night and some lady decided that she didn't think it was important to stay in her lane. She decided it would be OK just to drive right into the side of my rolling dog house. If you've been reading my Blog for a while you know we just got that car fixed up from some other fool who decided to hit the Food Guy last month. Crazy huh? So now the Food Guy will have to get the car fixed again. Hopefully it won't take long because those stupid rental car companies don't let dogs ride in their cars. I like to go everywhere with my Food Guy, so that doesn't really work for me. Plus, we have to go home in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving. I just know the Food Guy's Dad is gonna give me some Turkey on the sly. Don't tell the Food Guy!

In other news, I got a new collar yesterday. My old collar kept getting loose and I could slide right out of it. I like this one better anyway because it has my name on it. See:

Pretty cool, huh? That's right, I'm a lookin' pretty smooth in my new dog jewelry. I think it must be good luck because the Dawgs needed a little help to get by Auburn today. The Food Guy and I watched the game from the couch again. Hasty bailed on watching the game with us, so we didn't get any pictures of the those stupid pants, but, trust me, the Food Guy was wearing them all day!  I have to admit I slept for a lot of  the game- or tried too. The Food Guy was a little worried about the game. He kept getting up and walking around the living room. It was a little too close for comfort. We needed another big catch from AJ and another big defensive stand at the end to win. But like they say: A W is a W. And, I'll take a W over Auburn in any form. 

Well, I'm beat from all my walks today and watching a lot of football. Did ya'll see Urban Meyer show how little class the Gators have today? Going for it on 4th down when your up by 40 points?! Seriously, show a little respect for the game Urban! I hope 'Bama rolls them up in the SEC Championship Game! Anyway, I gotta get some more sleep. I've got lots of walks to go on tomorrow, and I've got to make sure the Food Guy gets a lot of work done too. 

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Bad Day for a Dawg and a Good Run

It was kind of a rough week for me and the food guy. First, I had to go back to the vet because my tail isn't healing so quickly. Now, I have to wear this crazy collar because I've been chewing on that stupid spot on my tail. The infection is gone, but it still itches so I was chewing on it. The Food Guy is making me wear this collar that keeps me from chewing on it. I don't like it at all. But at least my friend Java the dog will still hang out with me. 

I got that collar on Friday and, well things just got a little worse from there. See, the Dawgs went down to Jacksonville to play the hated Gators, and well, unless ya'll live under rocks you know what happened. The Food Guy and I don't really want to talk about it. So, that's about all the SEC Football talk you'll get out of me this week. Ok, I can't resist a little. First of all- Urban Meyer is a jerk, and I hate losing to Florida. There's nothing I'd like to see more than Bama kicking Florida's trash in the SEC Championship. That's right, I said it. Roll Tide! Even the Food Guy is gonna cheer for Bama, and he hopes Jen and all the Bama fans out there will get to do their "We Just Beat The Hell Outta You" chant at the Georgia Dome in December. If the Dawgs aren't gonna win a National Championship, it might as well be Bama.

Anyway, I know ya'll are looking for some redleg-blackleg pants stories, so here goes. On Saturday morning Food Guy and I loaded up in my rolling dog house and rolled to the ATL to Reeve and Corinne's house. Food Guy and Reeve started the day off putting some insulation in the house. 

 It was pretty funny seeing the Food Guy working in those stupid pants. Insulation is some nasty stuff, so I just chilled outside with my boy Java and the rest of the pack at Reeve and Rin's kennel. They have four dogs. It's pretty cool. If Zozo and Sug had been there it would have been even better than the Dog Park! 

Next the people went over to a friend of Reeve's house to watch the Game. Yeah, did I mention I don't want to talk about the Game? Well,  I don't. It was ugly! Anyway, Food Guy said Reeve's buddy, David, is grillmaster. He apparently can grill some awesome ribs. I wouldn't know 'cause I don't get to eat people food, but I could smell them when they got back and they smelled good. David is an Auburn fan. I know Auburn. Seriously, who actually admits to being an Auburn Fan?! Sad, really, Well, at least he's a loyal fan. He sticks by them even though they're terrible. Check out his get-up. He wears it by choice, by the way. 

You can't see it in this picture, but he even has an Auburn quarterback towel hanging from his belt. Crazy! But, homeboy can grill, and he's a riot. Plus, he makes my Food Guy look stylish in his silly pants by comparison. Well, after they finished watching the Gators beat the snot out of the Dawgs (Don't worry we'll get 'em back next year! Go Dawgs! Sic 'em! Woof, Woof, Woof and all that), the people came back to Reeve and Rin's so Reeve and Food Guy could get some sleep. Food Guy and Reeve had trail marathon to run in the morning.

Sunday morning came early. I had to get up at 5 am. I know, right? Who gets up at 5 am by choice? Food Guy and Reeve are sick in the head. But, I didn't complain too much. I got to eat a bowl of tasty dog food and go back to sleep.

Corinne was nice enough to get up that early too and go work one of the aid stations at this crazy race. She even took some photos of Reeve and the Food Guy at the race. Food Guy said the race was awesome. It was his first marathon, so he was pretty psyched. He knew he'd do pretty well 'cause he'd been running everyday with Dawan for a while now. That works out well for me since that means I get to go running everyday too. I was pretty proud of the Food Guy. He and Reeve came in at 5 hours and 12 minutes. 13th Place. Not too shabby considering the trail had 14,000 (yes, I said 14 thousand) feet of elevation gain. Silly! It was called the Mystery Mountain Marathon, and this lady Janice who designed the course is an Evil Genius. You want to go do a sick run? Find a course that Janice lays out. Food Guy said it was one of the hardest things he's ever done. But he and Reeve looked like they had a lot of fun. They were both smiling at the finish. Food Guy even took me for a long walk this morning.

Food Guy and Reeve are already planning their next crazy run. There's talk of doing a 50K next. Plus Food Guy, Elisha, and Dawan are going to run a road marathon in March to try to get a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon, so that means I'll still get to go running all the time. Can somebody tell the Food Guy to start giving me a little more food? I mean, for real, a dog who's actually training for a marathon needs to eat. I'm glad I don't have to go on all the runs though. I don't like to run more that 13 miles. Well, I'll do 15, but that's where I draw the line. Running in the Southeast is awesome. Check out the views you can see if you go running around here:

Pretty sweet, huh? That's one of the views Food Guy and Reeve got to see while they were running Sunday. They didn't really have time to stop and check out the views, so they took this picture after the race. Well, that's about all that happened this week. I'll keep ya'll posted on how my tail's doing. Hopefully, I won't have to wear this stupid collar much longer. It makes it kind of hard for me to move around, and some dogs laugh at me. Plus the Food Guy doesn't really want to pay the Vet's rent anymore, so my tail HAS to heal soon. 

Ya'll have a good week. I'll give you an update later this week on my tail. Hopefully, Food Guy will get all his work done so we can go hiking sometime this week. I want to get out of the house!