Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another Saturday & It could be worse

Well, I made it through another crazy week here in Athens. It was kind of a tough week. The Food Guy had to take me to the Vet twice this week.
 I have this "hot spot" on my tail, which is basically an infection. I had one once before and they gave me a shot that cleared it up, but I didn't react very well to the steroids. So the Food Guy told them to give me some different drugs. It's healing slow, but I think it should get better soon. Last time I couldn't go run or anything for like a week and a half because of the drugs. This time I can run and play, so it's a lot better. 

Yesterday was Saturday, and you know what that means: The Food Guy had to break out the dreaded pants. I did get to go for a nice run before the Food Guy had to start wearing silly clothes. So, the Food Guy, Dawan, and I headed out to the trail this morning for a nice medium run. Then, we headed over to George and Elisha's to get ready for the post-game festivities. Sadly, Food Guy had to get his sillyness on since the run was over. It's week three of the dreaded red-leg black leg pants and I still look at him like he's crazy. See:

But Anyway, the Food Guy left me to play with Elisha, Lucy the Dog, and the kids for the day. Then, Food Guy and George headed out to meet Emily, Josh, and Dawan to head to the Game. Emily must feel sorry for the Food Guy 'cause she was wearing some crazy game-day garb. Pretty crazy, huh? They headed to the game to watch the Dawgs beat up on Vandy.
The Game was pretty good from what I heard. Knowshon had his best game (172 yards rushing) of the year, and A. J. Green had another big day. Still too many penalties for my liking and Stafford threw a couple pics, but overall it was a good win. Anytime you can get away with a win against a top-25 team, it's a good day. Plus, our favorite player Asher Allen had some big hits!

There were also a lot of people there dressed way-way worse than my food guy. I didn't think it could get worse than the pants, but it can! This one guy had on a pretty crazy red and white seersucker coat. But the best was this guy wearing the insane overalls. I mean, for real! What is he thinking?! After the game, Food Guy saw the trailer this guy must have been pulling on his way to the game! Wow, I thought my food guy liked the Dawgs...
Anyway, we had some pretty good adventures once everyone got back from the the game. First we had pretty good cookout. George and Elisha made some pretty good BBQ. Well, it smelled really good anyway. Food guy wouldn't let me have any. He's so crazy with that no people food rule! Somebody really should talk to him about that!

Next we had to make a trip to Wal-mart. 

Dawan's a pretty good sport to be going out in public with the Food Guy when he's dressed like a fool. I actually didn't mind waiting in the car. I mean, it's pretty sad when people in Wal-Mart are looking at you funny because of the way you're dressed, but I heard the Food Guy got a few strange looks. Can't say I blame them.

Well, I'd better get going now. It's getting late and I've got a busy week. I'm pretty worn out from my adventures this weekend. I got to go for a pretty fun hike today. Food Guy and I went to Fort Yargo to meet our friends Jen, Zozo, and Sug. I'm pretty tired from trying to keep up with them. That Zozo and Sug like to walk pretty fast. They're pretty fast at smelling everything and they don't want to miss anything at all. So we pretty much speedhiked. It was fun though. And we got to hang out in the car outside the Waffle House while Food Guy and Jen ate lunch. If that  doesn't sound like fun, you've never hung out in Waffle House parking lot. Talk about some good people watching!

Well, this week should be pretty good for me. Food Guy has lots of work to do, so that means I'll have to do a lot of sleeping under his desk while he works. Sometimes it's pretty good to be a Yellow Dog-well it's pretty much always good to be a Yellow Dog. The only exception would be when I have to go to the Vet. Hopefully, I won't have to go back there again this week. 

Check back for more stories. I might let Food Guy write a guest spot this week. He's all fired up because the Dawgs (# 9 this week) are getting ready to head to Baton Rouge to take on the #11 Bayou Bengals. Gotta love SEC football. Every week is like a bowl game. Sometimes I feel sorry for Dogs who live in Big 12 or WAC country. They don't have exciting football like we do every week! Go Dawgs!

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