Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Again

I'm pretty happy to be back home and sleeping in my dog-bed again. I had a great time hanging out at the Lake with Food Guy's parents, but I was a pretty happy Yellow Dog when he picked me up yesterday. He looked pretty tired from being at the Conference in Philly, but he told me it was a great trip. He got to catch up with lots of folks and talked to people about jobs. He said that the interview with the people from Montana State went well, and hopefully we'll find out soon if he's going to be heading up to Bozeman for an on-campus interview. He also met with some professors from New Paltz, and he said that place sounds pretty sweet. As if that's not enough, he got to have dinner with people from his old stompin' grounds in Western NC and that went pretty well too. He found out today that he's on the short list for the job there. All pretty amazing options! Sounds like a good week to me. Things are looking good from him being able to buy me lots of dog bones next year.

The only exciting new I have from my trip is the little swim I went for. I was playing on the dock- jumping back and forth from the dock to the boat, and I missed the dock. It was SO scary. Y'all know I don't like to swim at all. I'm a dog not a fish! Anyway, I couldn't get out of the water. They had to pick me up and pull me out. I don't think I'll be doing that again. I'm all recovered now though, and I did get a bath out of the deal. I really like baths in case you didn't know that.

Well, that's about it from here. Food Guy is about to get back to work, so I'd better run. Stay tuned for more adventures. Food Guy and I are heading up to the mountains on Wednesday to hang out for a few days. Should be sweet!

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