Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Food Guy Travel Guest Spot 1

The Yellow One asked me to write a couple of guest spots while I'm on my trip to Bozeman this week. He's happily chillin' in the ATL while I'm off trying to find a job so I can buy him lots of dog bones and dog food.

Right now I'm sitting the airport in Salt Lake because Delta once again failed to get me to a connecting city on time.

On my last trip, I got to spend a night in Houston while I was trying to get to Salt Lake. It's only fitting that I spend some extra time here in SLC this time. It's no worries, though. SLC has free wifi and I have lots of work to do anyway. I'll catch my new flight to Bozeman at 8:30 and be there in time to grab some sleep before my interview with the good folks at Montana State begins in the morning. Hopefully, I'll have some good news to report and get to go on a little adventure before I catch my flight home Sunday morning. I'll let y'all know what's happening here in the wild west.

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