Friday, July 10, 2009

Food Guy Guest Spot

Yellow Dog and I are switching things up a bit at the moment. YD decided to turn the keyboard over to his Food Guy for a couple of days since he couldn't make the trip out west with me. He said he trusted me to write an entry or two since he was staying home in GA this week. I dropped him off at Jen's on Wednesday morning to hang out with Zozo and Sug while I headed out to Tahoe for a writing conference. I have to admit that I think it was much harder on me than it was on him. I love that yellow buddy and leaving him for a week, well let's just say I felt like I was leaving my right arm at home. But, I know he's having a big time hanging with his ATL crew. Jen sent me this picture of him this morning. Looks like somebody has been having a good time with his buddies

I caught a flight out of ATL Wednesday morning. I've flown lots of times. I've even flown on quite a few planes made by the lowest bidder and flown by guys who were flying cargo planes instead of jets for a reason. That reason being that they didn't do as well in flight school as some other people. And, the flight from ATL to Phoenix was terrifying! One of the worst landings ever. That includes a crash landing in a Ch46 in the Cali desert a some years ago. Ughh. I was not looking forward to taking off again for the second leg of the trip. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. We made it to Tahoe Wednesday afternoon and it was worth it. This place is beautiful!

The views here are so different from back home.

I had to work for a while when I got in last night, but still managed to get up early enough to go for a great run on the Tahoe Rim Trail this morning before the first writing session.

It was a sweet run! The altitude change was a little more than I thought it would be, so I was sucking wind like you wouldn't believe for most of the run.

Hopefully it'll be a little easier tomorrow morning. If nothing else I'll feel like a champion the first few days back in Athens.

After the evening session, a bunch of folks and I headed down the trail for a hike. Oddly enough we managed to find our way to town to enjoy a beer by the river before we headed back up the trail. All in all, not a bad day of "work" using the term loosely.

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