Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Filling the Post-Tour Void

Now that the Tour is over it's tough to know what to do all morning around here. Don't get me wrong, me and the Food Guy watched Sportscenter a couple of times this morning. But, it's always a sad couple of days when the Tour ends. So, me and the Food Guy spent most of the day getting packed for his trip to Utah. I helped the Food Guy figure out what he needed to bring, and I also supervised him as he got all of my stuff together. I made sure he packed me plenty of food and extra dog bones. Then, we settled in to watch some TV:

It was a pretty nice, relaxing day on the couch. Since the Food Guy decided that we should try to officially enjoy summer instead of working today, he went to the video store and rented us season two of the show Arrested Development. It's such a great show- even though there aren't any dogs on it. At least not yet. Maybe they got smart and introduce a dog character in season three. Who knows? I guess we'll have to rent the next season to find out. Either way, I'm not too worried about it. Anytime I can convince the Food Guy to take a little break from working and hang out on the couch, I'm happy. We had a pretty nice day of watching the Bluth family blunder around on the picture box. We also took a bunch of good walks on the trails behind our house. All in all, I have to say I like summer a lot.

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