Sunday, December 5, 2010

Camp Z sledding and Trout Lake

It's been a pretty fun-filled weekend in the snow up here in Boone. The Food Guy and I woke up to a pile of snow this am, and we figured it was time to test out the hill in the pasture.

Greg, Lem, and Alabama came over this morning with a full compliment of sledding devices: a sled, saucers, and a snowboard.

I'm happy to report that no hospital trips were required. I was a little worried when the Food Guy strapped on the snowboard since he has no idea at all how to ride one. It worked out OK though:

It was a pretty sweet morning, which we followed up with an afternoon hike up at Trout Lake. It was snowing like crazy, but my mobile dog house is a 4 wheel drive palace. The hike was so much fun. I had a blast running around in the snow. There wasn't much in the way of long range views, but there were so many cool things to see. The trees up on the bald at the top of the mountain are so cool.

Check out this cool rhodie cave we walked through.

The whole hike was pretty amazing. The Food Guy has a ton of grading to do this week, so we'll be pretty much on lockdown all week. Plus Bob nominated the Food Guy for a dissertation award, so he'll need to spend some time writing up some stuff for the submission. It'd be pretty cool if he won. Keep your paws crossed for us- there's a small cash prize that will buy me some dog food.

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