Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Guy Travel Guest Spot 1: Denver

Hey, all. I'm in Denver for a conference this week, and I promised Yellow Dog that I'd fill in for him on the blogospehere. This trip is my first conference since I moved on from being a Doc Student, and I have to say life as a college professor is pretty sweet. I'm staying at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Denver, and the accommodations are pretty over the top. There's a freakin' telephone in the bathroom. Check it out:

I mean, seriously! Who needs a phone by the john? Totally unnecessary! You know what isn't unnessary? The gigantic TV that I've been watching ESPN on from my comfy bed:

Pretty sweet, eh? The room is pretty nice. It rained a little yesterday afternoon, but the result was a cool rainbow outside my window:

I'm telling you- I lead a seriously charmed life. My colleagues who came out here with me are so much fun. Traveling with them has been a great way to get to know them and to get the feel of my new department. I knew for sure that we'd get along great when they decided that we should go to the Rockies game last night. I've never been to Coors field, so I was way into going. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them, drinking a beer, and watching a good baseball game.

The conference has been pretty good so far. The speaker yesterday was great, and I actually learned a whole lot of cool stuff. Today's speaker was pretty lame, and I was getting pretty bored this morning. I wasn't sure what my new colleagues were thinking, but I got my answer when they said we should skip out after lunch and head up to Boulder to go hiking at the Flatirons. How cool is that? I have the best job in the world. I gotta get some sleep, so I'll save our hiking story for tomorrow.

My dad says Yellow Dog is having a good time sleeping on the couch at the lake. I'll be sure to check in on him tomorrow and give y'all an update.

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