Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Adventures Continue

It's only saturday, but the Food Guy and I have had a pretty good weekend so far. Brian came up from Mooresville yesterday morning, and we headed out to the local boulders to try to get some climbing in. It didn't turn out to be much of day for the people to climb. It rained on the way up there, but we decided to hike down to the boulders anyway. The Food Guy and Brian each managed to climb one problem each before the rain and thunder really started. Now, y'all know I DO NOT like thunder. We huddled up under one of the overhanging boulders to wait the storm out.

It was fun though. I took a nap on the crash pad while Brian and the Food Guy hung out and watched the rain. After the rain let up, we hiked back up to the truck and Brian helped the Food Guy fix the screen on the front door of our house. That really made the day a pretty productive one because it's much cooler in the house now that we can have the door open. I mean, it's cool here in Boone (it's usually in the 70s or 80s) but the fur coat can get pretty hot sometimes.

Brian stayed till around 4 and Steven had driven up from Athens around 3. The people hung out while I took a nap. A little while before dark, the Food Guy and Steven woke me up and told me it was time to go for a run. We loaded up the truck and headed up to Price Park and went for a run on the Boone Fork trail. The BFT is a 5 mile loop that is one of the coolest trail runs anywhere. It follows the Boone Fork and has some of the most varied terrain in the area. There is even a ladder to go up around one of the steeper sections. It was a fantastic run.

This morning Food Guy and Steven took me for a run on the Greenway trails, and then we headed back up to Blowing Rock to get some climbing in.

It was threatening rain the whole time, and I could hear some thunder rumbling in the distance. It all worked out pretty well, and it didn't rain on us until we got back to the truck. Steven and the Food Guy both got to climb lots of problems and we hiked the whole loop to get a good look at all of the boulders.

It was another great day here in Boone. I'm glad the Food Guy had a little company because it made it a little easier for him to get a bit of a rest. He's been running in the am and riding his bike in the evening. If you ask me he's been at it pretty hard. But that's probably because I'm still re-adjusting to life after spending a bunch of time lounging around at the lake. The Food Guy and Steven will probably head up to the parkway to find a good trail to run if it's still raining in the am. If not, it sounds like some climbing is one tap. I'm loving exploring all the new places around here. Gotta love summertime.

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