Saturday, December 5, 2009

Food Guy Guest Spot 3- Old friends & a run

Saturday started off with breakfast with some old friends from back in the Gorge. I think it's been at least 3 years since I've seen Chris and Leslie. They were headed over to Bozeman from Missoula to ski at Big Sky today, so they stopped by and picked me up for some breakfast. It was great to see them, catch up, and get the inside scoop on living in Montana.

After Chris and Les took off, I went on a real estate tour with some local agents and checked out the housing scene. Things look pretty good here. When that was finished, I strolled around downtown for a couple of hours to get a better feel for the place. Gotta say, I love it here. Next, took off for a run at Peete's Hill. It's a sweet park where lots of kids were sledding and fellow weirdos were out running- most with their dogs. On my way I passed this dog, who told me to tell Yellow Dog, "This is how we roll in Montana!"
The run was pretty sweet. The views of the mountains were not so clear because it's been snowing since last night, but it was still a sight to see.
I ran for just about an hour. I didn't really pack enough clothes to go for a long run here. I really needed an outer shell and something to cover my face when the wind is going strong. Not that I'm fast enough to make it windy. I stopped here and there to take some photos, check the view, and pet a dog here and there. Yellow Dog would love it out here!

I need to catch up on some work email, then I 'm going to head back downtown to check out the Christmas stroll. Did I mention that I like it here?

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