Sunday, September 27, 2009

YD goes to Chattaboogie

The Food Guy and I had an especially good weekend this weekend. Two of Food Guy's best friends got married in Chattanooga on Saturday, so we loaded up the mobile doghouse and hit the road on friday morning. Man, what a weekend we had!

We rolled into town Friday afternoon to help set things up for the rehearsal and then the Food Guy took me to the house where we were all staying. It was really hot outside, and Food Guy made me stay outside. Now, y'all know I like to do my lounging in comfortable places, so I was a little confused when I had to stay outside. But Food Guy said no dogs were supposed to be in the house. Lucky for me everyone else staying in the house said I just HAD to come inside. So, Food Guy agreed to let me go inside, and boy, it was great! There were like 10 people staying in the house and some of my new friends had little kids. You know I like playing with kids. Mostly because they are always so happy to see me, but also 'cause they tend to drop people food on the ground. And, Food Guy NEVER lets me eat any people food. It was awesome! Plus, there was someone to pet me ALL the time, which is good. I mean, what else are people for?

The weekend got even better saturday morning. We went over to Sunset to go for a trail run. It was raining like you wouldn't believe, but that just made it more fun. After the run, Food Guy and the Sams ran around putting up balloons so people could find their way to the wedding (I took a nap). Then, the real fun began. Well, at least that's what I heard. I slept at the house while all the people went to the wedding. From the photos, it looks like they had a really good time. Check out Sam with the Bridesmaids:

Things couldn't have worked out better for the wedding. The rain went away and the sunset was amazing.

Food Guy says the wedding was perfect and everyone had lots of fun. After the reception, Sam S. took Sam and Rebecca away in this super-sweet bike taxi:

Then, Food Guy and everyone went back to the house to continue the party. Matt and Greg played music while people took turns giving me lots and lots of attention. The Food Guy says I'm one spoiled dog, but really I just think that's how it should be. Don't ya think?

We finished up the weekend with a fun climbing adventure at Leda. I love going on climbing trips. I get to go for walk in the woods and hang out with all the people. The whole gang was there. Rebecca's parents even came, and her pops is no slouch on the sharp end of a climbing rope. Her mom even scales the rock like spiderwoman. Cool stuff! I mostly just hung out and watched Sam, Sam, Rebecca, and Steph climb way up wall like it was nothing. I don't know how they do it. I like to just stay on the ground and watch. Food Guy struggled up one of the climbs and seemed pretty pleased that he made it.

All in all, it was one of the best weekends we've had in a while, which is saying something because Food Guy and I lead a pretty charmed life. Good friends, good adventures are all a Yellow Dog and his Food Guy can ask for. Everything else is just gravy (or the stuff that goes on top of my food to keep me from shedding too much). Food Guy's friend Steven says that our life is one big scam because we're always going off on adventures. Food Guy and I have to agree. But, hey, why not? Life's too short not to go everywhere you can.

Well, y'all have a good week. Food Guy's gonna be working non-stop this week writing that silly dissertation of his. So, you know there's no chance I'll get my paws on the keyboard for a while. But, stay tuned- you can always bet that they'll be a new adventure coming up for us soon.

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