Sunday, September 13, 2009

A run in Graham county and a whole lotta work

Greetings, y'all. It's been a busy month since the Food Guy got back from his trip. He's been working more than a food guy should work. Really, he has. I know. I know. Can you really call reading books, drinking coffee, writing, and talking to people about their classrooms work? Maybe. Maybe not . Food Guy seems to enjoy it, so we're not complaining. We did sneak out of Athens last weekend to head up to NC for a fun weekend of running and paddling. We drove up there and met Reeve and Rin at Silvermine on Friday night. Reeve, Food Guy, and me took our buddy Brian for a run on the Flint Ridge trail Saturday morning. It was awesome. I love that trail. Brian hasn't done any running in a long time, but he did really well. We're hoping to suck him into the stupid activity that is trail running. He'd be a great addition to our group of people who like stupid hobbies. Then, Reeve and Food Guy went paddling while I took a nap. See, I really am a smart dog.

Then (insert scary music here) Sam and Sam arrived from Chattaboogie. If you don't know Sam Squared, well, you're really missing out. The Sams are two of the most ridiculous athletes around. They're straight sick in the head. I think that's why Food Guy and Reeve like hanging out with them so much. Sunday morning we loaded up in the truck and headed to Graham county for a run along Snowbird Creek. It was really nice out. Not too hot (I do wear a yellow fur coat, so that's important) and not too cold. Not too cold is good too since we had to cross the creek like 50 times. Ok, maybe not 50. But I'm not a swimmer. I like to DRINK water. Not swim in it. The run started off pretty mellow. Sam S. got a little car sick riding in the bed of the truck with me and Java, so he didn't push the pace until about 4 minutes in. Then, he took off like a shot. The rest of us just did our best to keep the Sams in our sights as we went up the trail. As always, the run was harder than advertised. It was a Reeve activity, so that's always how it goes.

We had a lot of fun on the run, and then we went back to Silvermine to have some good dinner. I slept while Food Guy, Reeve, and the Sams cooked up their next big (read: stupid) adventure. Those guys have issues. I heard them talking about things like riding bikes from Bryson City to Chattanooga and then running back or some stupid thing like that. You know we do have more civilized ways to travel. Java and I have that all figured out. See:

Overall it was good weekend. The only downside was that my Dawgs got their butts kicked by Oklahoma State. Lame!
This week, Food Guy and I have mostly been chillin here in Athens. He's been teaching, doing research, and getting job application stuff ready to send out. I really hope he gets a job somewhere cool. I want to go live somewhere fun, and I'll get more dog bones if he has a job. We've been doing some good runs everyday here in Athens, and I've been catching up on my sleep. We spent most of this weekend here in Athens. Food Guy had to catch up on some work, and he went to watch the Dawgs beat South Carolina yesterday. Not a bad weekend at all.

Well, that's about it for now. We should have some more big adventures soon.

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