Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Food Guy is a Doctor

Hey everybody, I have some pretty good news to share. The Food Guy got up really early this morning and left the house wearing much nicer clothes than normal. It was weird. There was this strange sound coming from his phone (I think it's what people call an alarm clock). It was very strange. I don't hear sounds like that very often. I was confused when he made me get up to go outside so early when he didn't have his running shoes one. I gave him my best, "What the hell is going on look" as he took me for a very short walk wearing nice pants (not Carhardt or climbing pants) and long sleeve shirt-- without wrinkles. Then, without our usual morning coffee drinking (him) after breakfast/walk naptime, he grabbed that black and red computer bag that he carries when he goes to work and left the house. That's when I remembered where he was going.

He had to defend his dissertation today. I went back to sleep 'cause well I knew he was going to pass. A few hours later he came back home with a spring in his step. He looked all happy- like I do when he takes my backpack off when we are hiking. That's when I knew that I was assured of a lifetime supply of dog bones and dog food. Yup, he might not be a prescription writing, lab coat wearing, stethoscope carrying kind of doctor. But, he's a better kind. The kind who has most mornings free to take me for a run; whole summers off to travel; fall break; spring break- well you get the picture. We can finally start recreating a slightly larger dog bone budget!!! Sweet, sweet success!

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Beth said...

All right, Yellow Dog. Time to tell your owner to change his blog profile!

I'm just so happy for food guy. He continues to inspire me with his tenacity and sheer braininess. Congrats. Hope I get to toast him in person soon!