Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bouldering at Shaking Rock

Hey y'all. The Food Guy and I just got back from a good adventure in the ATL and the Cohuttas, but I'll have to write about that one later this week. I just got some photos from our friend Steven from our bouldering trip to Shaking Rock from last weekend, so I figured I'd tell y'all about that trip first. Last weekend Food Guy, Lisa, Steven, and I loaded up and took the short drive out of Athens for a little Sunday morning bouldering.

This place is pretty cool. I like it because it's a pretty laid back place where I can hang out and watch as my peeps climb around. Check out the Food Guy climbing on this boulder near the entrance:

There aren't a lot of problems to climb on, but it sure beats a long ride in the truck. We can be there in less than 30 minutes. It's way better than staying home while the Food Guy goes to the climbing gym, and it looks like the people have a good time climbing around there. We didn't stay around all that long. Food Guy and Lisa had to get back to Athens to get ready for the week to start. He had to get ready for that dissertation defense (so glad that's over) and Lisa had to get back to the ATL to get ready for her last week of student teaching. She finished on Friday! Congrats to her! She rocks for getting that over with, and now she'll have more free time to hang out and go on adventures with me and the Food Guy.

Well, I'm pretty tired from our latest trip. I'm gonna get some sleep, but I'll write a new post soon. The Food Guy has some pretty sweet photos from this weekend, so check back soon.

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