Monday, March 1, 2010

A hike in the snow

Hey everybody. I've got an epic weekend to tell y'all about. The Food Guy and I had enough of working this week, so we loaded up the mobile dog house and headed to NC for the Food Guy's annual winter hike (sufferfest) with Nate and Brian. This year the Food Guy talked his buddy Steven into coming along. It was an epic trip for sure. We rolled up to The Ridge (Aubin's Taj ma Garage) late Friday night, packed our backpacks-yes I have one too see:

and we stepped out onto the trail Saturday Morning. We started walking through some snow heading South on the AT. It was pretty cold out, but that's what you have to expect in february. Food Guy packed some extra food for me, and I needed every bite to keep warm. It was sunny for a couple of hours, but then the snow started back up. I didn't mind because I like snow. My feet were a little cold. I hate to say it, but the Food Guy better buy me some boots before our next backpacking trip in the snow. Check this trail out:

We walked along the amazingly pretty trail in the snow for most of the day. The ridgeline provided some great views:

After we'd walked all we wanted to, we set up camp at a pretty sweet spot. Once we made camp-- Ok, I ate while FG made camp-- the boys built a giant fire to warm up while they cooked their dinner and had a few cocktails.

It was a cold, cold night. I slept in the bag with Food Guy and we even had to put his down coat over us. We still shivered most of the night. That's what you have to expect at 5100 feet in February, though. Check out the little tent where we slept:

The snow was so deep that Food Guy couldn't use stakes to anchor the tent. He had to put sticks in the loops of the tie downs and bury them in the snow. It took him an hour to dig them out in the morning. He was FREEZING by the time he got done. I was chillin out, running around, and playing while he did all the work. It's good to be a dog! Then, we shouldered our packs and started walking back to the truck. There were a couple of cars at the trailhead where people were out for a day hike. They don't know what they were missing. They should have spent the night out on the trail. I can't wait till next year.

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