Saturday, December 13, 2008

I don't think the Food Guy's ever met a stranger

The Food Guy finally got back from his conference in Florida. I don't know why, but I couldn't go with him. For some reason they don't let dogs go to resorts in Sanibel Island Florida. I'm not complaining though. I had a pretty good week chillin' with my peeps in the ATL. Jen, Zozo, and Sug and I had a big time this week. I was pretty happy to see my food guy when he got back tonight. He had some crazy stories from his trip. I'll tell ya what: Food Guy lives a pretty charmed life and I'd say the kindness of strangers is pretty good thing except I just don't think the Food Guy would call anyone a stranger. 

See, after he dropped me off to stay with my ATL peeps this week, he caught a flight to Ft. Myers Florida for a conference called ARF. You'd think they let dogs go to conference called ARF, but they don't. Anyway, he went down there with no clue how he was going to get to Sanibel Island from the airport. He said he'd, "just sort it out when he got there." That's my Food Guy. He won't go into the woods without a plan and lots of food and stuff, but make him travel around in the city and he just flies by the seat of his pants. Good think he doesn't mind just chatting people up. When he got off the plane, he just started talking to some people. They happened to be from Berry College in good 'ol Rome Ga. Guess what? They were Georgia grads and they were going to the conference, so they were kind enough to let him poach a ride. They even gave him a ride back to the airport today!  Then, check this out. He didn't really know where he was staying. He just figured he'd go the conference and figure it out. One of his friends from school, Amy, had talked to some of her friends who said he could stay with them. Food Guy didn't really know where they were staying but he figured getting to Sanibel was the most important thing to figure out since he had to give a presentation at the conference the next day. Anyway, it turns out that Amy's friends were staying at the conference hotel and after a few hours of hanging around, Food Guy got in touch with them and stayed in a sweet pad on the beach. Check it out:

Not too bad for a food guy who left Georgia in a rain storm without much of an idea of where he was going.  He ended up spending the last couple of days hanging out with some really cool people. He told me he went running on the beach. I think he should give me some extra dog bones for going running without me!

I'm pretty tired from playing with Zozo and Sug all week. Our friend Jen is a top-notch food lady. She even let me go on all the dog walks with Zozo and Sug. That's pretty cool since it meant that she had to walk three doggies at one. That's some serious leash management! 

Well, y'all have a good weekend. I've got to go back to sleep. You know, yellow dogs like to sleep a lot. Plus Zozo has been coaching me on the importance of getting a full 18 hours of sleep in everyday. 

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