Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Freedom from the cone of shame

Big news today, everybody. I got my staples out, so I don't have to wear that damn cone anymore. It was getting really old. The Food Guy has started teaching summer school, and he's been gone all day everyday. I know, I know. It was only two days into the week. But, they were two LONG days. He'd be gone from 9-5, come home and hang out with me for an hour, then leave again to go running (without me!). Well, I still can't go running with him, but I don't have to walk around with the giant torture device around my head. Plus, I don't begrudge him his running. I know he's training for a good cause. The 100 Miles For Swisher run is a pretty big deal in case you haven't heard.

The Vet said I'm healing quickly. Well, of course I am. I already have full range of motion in my dog leg. See, I've been doing super-secret rehab training while the Food Guy is at work. I'm not some fat-ass, people-food eating, lazy dog. I'm a bionic trailrunning, backcountry skiing, crag-chillin, Yellow Dog. You just can't keep me down for long. The Food Guy said I still can't go hiking for a month at least. I have to stay on leash for the next 8 weeks. I still can't play with my doggie friends for a couple of months. That's not cool, but I'll survive. I've been doing a great job of keeping my dog bed from floating up to the ceiling. That can be hard work too. I go back to the Vet July 12th to get the final X-Rays. I expect the Vet will say, "You, my yellow friend, are the picture of health." I can't wait.

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