Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elk Knob Hike

Hey, everybody. The Food Guy and I have been pretty busy lately. He went to Greece and then we moved into our new house. In between we've been doing a little climbing and running. This week I helped the Food Guy build a hearth for our wood stove.

We finished just in time because it's getting cold up here in the high country. We had some snow this week. Check out this view of Snake and Rich mountains from our front porch:

Today we went up to Elk Knob with some friends and had a great hike in the snow. I love running around and playing in the snow.

The trail up to the top is really sweet. It winds its way up the mountain for just under two miles. The Food Guy are going to have to head up there to run the trail this week when the snow melts off.

The view up there is amazing. You can see peaks all the way up in Virginia from here. There are so many good hikes up here. Stay tuned for more adventures.

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