Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Food Guy Guest Spot 2

Hi everybody. I know y'all are wondering how the Yellow One is doing, and I've gotten good reports from my sources at the Lake that he is doing well. Janette says he's being lazy, and my Dad says he follows him all around the house, but he seems to be adjusting to missing out on an adventure. I'm sure he'll give me plenty of grief when I get home. He would have loved this trip. Next time I'll have to sort out how to bring him with me. I'll bet Lisa can help me plan a killer vacation that will be YD friendly for next summer.

Anyway, we had blast in Colorado. The surfing in Gunnison was excellent, and the rapids were lots and lots of big fun. Check out Dowd Chutes on the Eagle River in Minturn, Colorado.

We spent last weekend in Buena Vista, Colorado. The Arkansas river had lots of water, but one of the highlights of the weekend was this run on the Colorado Trail in Clear Creek Canyon. The elevation was a killer.

Our next stop was 2 days in Del Norte, Colorado to hang out with my buddy Bill and his son Dylan. They showed us some sweet climbing in Penitente Canyon. The routes there were fantastic.

We rolled into New Mexico yesterday and did the Pilar run on the Rio Grande. It was a fun little run with one large-type hole that was a bit of a surprise. Scott, Pat, Brian, and I all made it through no problem though.

Today, we woke up, and I made PB&J bagels and coffee (as usual) before we went to the put in.

Then we spent the day paddling 22 miles on the Rio Grande through the Box Canyon. It was a fantastic run with six really fun rapids. Brian and I have been having a blast since we left. It was great to add Pat and Scott to the mix. This trip just keeps getting better. We'll hit Flagstaff on Friday and then we'll be on the Grand Canyon for 16 days. Should be pretty sweet. I'll be psyched to get home to see everyone when the trip is over though. It's been a long time to be away from Lisa, YD, and my family.

Take it easy y'all.

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